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  buy Netflix shares MA Comparative Literature—CUNY
  BA English/Minor Education
  QMED/Junior Engineer (Qualified Member of the Engine Department)—U.S. Coast Guard Endorsement
  Worked as a merchant seaman roaming the seaports of the world living a distinctive life

Screenwriting Experience

  Through his Poetics, sat at the feet of Aristotle

  Taken all the courses offered by John Truby

  As a member of AFI, took many Screenplay Reading and Writing courses

  Was hired to write screenplays on assignment


  forex trade app LA and NY production companies have optioned nine of my screenplays.

Contests and Awards

  1st Place—New Century Writer Awards

  4th Place—America’s Best

  Two time finalist—The Scriptwriters Network

  Two time finalist—The Writer’s Network

  One time finalist and one time semi-finalist—The Chesterfield Film Company Writer’s Film Project

  Two time finalist—Monterey County Film Festival

  One time finalist—Breckenridge Festival of Film

The Future

  forex trade online As I write and rewrite more screenplays, they will be added to this website, so come back often.

  If you enjoy a script and would like to option it, but you would like to see some changes before you make a decision, get in touch. Everything is possible—even onsite rewrites.


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